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Calming Aid for Dogs

Stress & Anxiety Relief. A Natural Remedy That Helps with Vet & Grooming Visits, Storms, Thunder, Fireworks, Separation Anxiety, etc. Contains Melatonin for Dogs. For Large & Small Dogs. Made in USA.

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Calming Aid for Dogs

Feel Good About Trying Our Products with Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you have nothing to lose. We want you and your dog to love our products. If for any reason, your dog (or you) are not satisfied with our Calm supplements, or any of our products, we will refund the purchase price.

Waggedy’s Calm can offer needed relief to your dog’s anxiety symptoms.

Our natural dog supplements are scientifically formulated to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. This product helps calm your dog’s nerves during grooming (creating a safer environment for your dog and the groomer), veterinarian appointments, traveling in a car or airplane, unusual weather events (rain, wind storms, thunder, and lightning). and any other loud or disturbing noises (like fireworks).

Melatonin has shown to have a calming effect on our canine friends in studies published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone, secreted by the pineal gland, located at the base of the brain. It’s a safe and drug-free supplement for pets.

Calm Chews

Benefits of Our Calm Treats:

  • Support your canine’s nervous system
  • Relieve anxiety naturally
  • Promote a more stress-free environment with the combination of melatonin and other ingredients
  • Prevent excessive barking during unfamiliar situations and separation anxiety in dogs while the owner is away.

When to Use Calm?

  • Taking your dog for grooming or vet appts
  • During weather events such as thunder or rain storms
  • On holidays, such as Independence Day, when there are fireworks
  • When traveling by car or plane
  • If your dog experiences separation anxiety
  • When your dog will be exposed to sound noises such as home construction or a party

The Waggedy Difference

At Waggedy, we know that dogs are much more than just pets – they have been family members for a long time! Our goal is to offer products that keep them happy, active and  healthy. We developed our veterinarian-formula supplement as a delicious, chewable you can use as a treat, to make sure your dog takes the supplement. Our products are crafted in the United States in a cGMP- and NSF-certified facility to ensure purity and unmatched quality. Wag Happy & Healthy!

Waggedy Calm
Waggedy Calm Anxiety

Waggedy Customer Reviews

We love hearing from other dog lovers just how much they & their older dogs love our Calm, dog anxiety reducing treats.

Our dog Jake always seemed anxious while camping. We tried Waggedy Calm for a few days before and during our trip and Jake had a great time.

Mike D.

Worked very quickly. I decided to order this after reading all of the good reviews. We have a 5-month-old yorkie poo who was having a lot of anxiety when we would leave for work and put him in his kennel. I got it today and after feeding him I gave him one little chew which was the correct dosage for his size. He played a little bit and fell asleep. I panicked and called my vet and she explained that he would be ok.

It has melatonin and ltriptiphan. So it made him a little sleepy. I think this is going to work really well for when we have to leave him during the day. Make sure you go by the dosage on the bottle. Relieves their anxiety but does it naturally.


I have 2 dogs. My older dog, Red, is 16 years old and the other dog, Valkyrie, is a puppy (now 6 months old). Over the past year I have watched my older dog’s health and mental state decline from a frisky, lizard chaser to an old man who just wants to sleep his days away. So, we introduced a puppy (Valkyrie) into the mix hoping it would cheer up the old fella. It didn’t. It was awful. Every day he would simply retreat into the darkest room of the house to get away from everyone. Now, Red was never a social animal to begin with but he would at least hang out with us all the time.

Anyway, I started giving Red these supplements every day at breakfast and dinner before I could go through the bottle he had turned around and started hanging out with us again. I’m so happy to have Red back!

I know what you’re thinking. It’s a coincidence and maybe if I did nothing Red would have still come around after a week. But I’m certain that’s not the case. He moped around for 2 months and his depression seemed to be getting worse and worse and at some point I decided I’d seek some medication to help him bounce back so I asked our Vet what I could do to help him get out of his stooper. She recommended these and literally before the bottle was empty, he was a changed old man puppy. He’s back to his somewhat playful self. He interacts with the family more and hangs out with us. Seriously, this supplement gave me my best friend back and I couldn’t be happier with the product. Unfortunately, for the company making these, he no longer needs them. It’s been a month without them and Red is still back with us like the good ol’ days. Cheers!

Patrick P.

Calm – Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Dog Calm Treats Ingredients
Dog Calm Treats Nutritional Information

Why Choose Waggedy?

At Waggedy we know that dogs are more than pets –  they’re family – so it’s our goal to develop products to keep them happy, active and most importantly, healthy. We are a proud member of the National Animal Supplement Council, the NASC.

Research: We stay close to the latest academic and industry research to develop products that are effective and safe. We work closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure that our products are pure, and manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Quality and Testing: Sourcing the highest quality ingredients from trusted suppliers is essential to Waggedy developing effective and safe products. Every ingredient in our products is tested to confirm purity and consistency. Following production the products are tested again. Our manufacturing process is fully CGMP compliant and every finished product goes through rigorous quality assurance.

Taste/Palatability: Waggedy supplements can only benefit your dog if your dog eats them as directed, which means the products need to taste good. We work hard to create supplements your dog will think are treats. If it doesn’t taste good, your dog won’t be interested. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.

Price/Value: We want Waggedy health products to benefit as many dogs and pet parents as possible. We operate as efficiently as possible and value-price our products to over-deliver and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Waggedy Calm
Waggedy Flavor

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